This complete and structured blues/rock guitar class allows beginner to intermediate guitarists to familiarize themselves with the blues language. JD Slim uses his many years of teaching and reveals the essential techniques that will allow you to progress and acquire solid knowledge in several styles of blues.

As an introduction, JD presents the structures of the blues and then discusses the pentatonic scales as well as the suspended notes and chords, as used by Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, indispensable tools of the blues vocabulary. In conclusion of the theoretical part, JD presents fingering positions and slide moves in different tones, allowing you to venture on the neck with confidence.

Using pieces from his own repertoire, JD then demonstrates how to practice the techniques learned by presenting you rhythm patterns and solos of five Of his compositions.

The original songs are The Good Times Have Gone Bad, a slow blues in the key of G in the style of Willie Dixon, the Texas shuffle Dis moi Babe, using the I-VI-II-V turnaround, the blues/rock Car Load of Trouble inspired by Johnny Winter and rockabilly Lonely Avenue à la Scotty Moore (Elvis). JD concludes the patterns and solos with a slow shuffle in the key of E Sick and Tired, where he introduces the slide thechnique. All the pieces are played in slow tempo and explained in detail.

JD resume his DVD with a tour of the turnarounds and presents you some tips and tricks that will allow you to play like a pro!

In french with english subtitles + a PDF file with the complete DVD tablature.