Here it is finally: the first (official) album of the truly gifted guitarist Jean-Denis BéIanger, better appreciated under the pseudonym that got him known when he directed the defunct Blue Rocket Special.

J.D. Slim is a rare gem of our own, simply because of his great guitar understanding of blues, rockabilly, rock'n'roll (we will remember his famous Honey Bee) and his dylanesque escapades that he fully assumes.

Here, Slim offers us a complete kaleidoscope of these different styles with a volubility and a quality of execution that have nothing to envy to Carl Perkins or even to Chuck Berry! A first bet won. And with taste more.
    - Claude Côté / Voir, February 2000



Vocal, guitars, dobro, bass, keyboards, harmonica: J.D. Slim.
Drums: Stan Deguire, Jimmy Ayoub, Serge Soulier.
Bass: Marc Deschênes, Stephen Barry.
Harmonica & mandolin: Pat Loiselle.
Saxophone: Robert David.