"J.D. Slim & The Kool Cats" ALBUM REVIEWS

Impossible to leave you without mentioning the latest 100% instrumental jewel signed by the unique and sympathetic Montreal composer-guitarist JD Slim who, supported by talented musical collaborators, has just released this album can not be more chic combining nostalgia, intelligence, humor, rhythm, precision and above all, melody! Read more

- Dan Behrman, le Magazine Son & Image, Montreal (Nov. 2015)

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...J.D. Slim, a bluesman who has been around for a long time ... an instrumental album that you listen to just like that, without any pretensions but with expertise and dexterity that is really cool.

- Sylvain Ménard, Vitrine, 98,5 FM, Montreal (Sep. 11, 2015)

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A successful record launch at L'Île Noire pub on St-Denis street in Montreal. Mr. J.D. Slim surprises us again with his new instrumental CD J.D. Slim & The Kool Cats. The album contains ten original songs written by J.D. himself. This great guitarist has been around for many years, we also know him for his unparalleled "slide guitar" style. This time, he takes a very jazzy blues approach, with an harmonious electric guitar that plays the melodies as a piano would do. Read more

- Claude Gagné, la Société Blues de Montréal (9 sep. 2015)

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He is one of those blues guitarists that the Québec scene cries for and whether it's alongside Nanette Workman or with his own band, JD Slim has never been more to his advantage than playing music that he flows in his veins and for which he shows real artistic but also technical abilities. Read more

- Fred Delforge, Zicazic Magazine, France (24 août, 2015)